Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Not sure if anyone even looks at this site anymore, but it's officially dead. Sorry everyone!! I couldn't keep this site up and running...

Deer Island Chapter 01
Friday, 23 November 2012

CKM Scans did most of this, not us (or me, for now).

Anyway, it's a nice story. My sister isn't in a good mood because she... nah, nevermind.

Chapters are very short in this manhua. Read from right to left. xD

Download Ch01:

Note ~ we'll be closing down this site very soon. This is the last time we'll be using this.
For future references, please check out our forum, here.

Thanks, enjoy. :)

P.S: Also, the conflict with Cloud 9 Scans has been solved. Peace has returned.

Yes, I need your help. Release.
Sunday, 18 November 2012

This group needs to be revived.

Okay, let me introduce myself first. I am myrt, the "new" admin of this group. I can translate and edit.

This group has been on hiatus for a while. But that doesn't mean the chatbox should be filled with mean comments. They aren't just spam (small pointless annoying messages), but they hurt. Please don't talk about Cloud 9 Scans here. I. Don't. Care.

It's really annoying me. What do readers understand? Do you really know how much time and effort goes into scanlation? Even so, where do you find the time to do it, when there's so many real life events and "homework"? Do you know that we aren't paid to do this? Get real! At least respect the previous scanlators of a particular series, even if they went MIA.

Oops, it's not very nice to vent out frustrations at readers/downloaders. >_<

Since the two founders have gone MIA, Crash!'s scanlation by us will also go on hiatus. I mean, I don't know where they got the HQ raws, and everywhere I look (iieye, baidu, hrcomic etc.) reeks of LQ raws. So I guess this will be the last chapter for a while. Cloud 9 Scans picked it up anyway, happy now?

According to a certain source (I'm pretty sure it's unreliable though), but I think Crash! might be getting an anime or something soon. Here's the trailer if you want: Oh yeah, I think it's the second season that's getting the anime though, IF it's getting one.

As for how I should continue this group, it'll be really difficult, since I'm really the only one still active here. I guess I'll ask CKM Scans, my sister's group. At least dedicate a few releases to us.

We need:
Japanese translators

And finally the download ~ Crash! Vol04 Chapter 18:
You can find the download link at the forum too.


Long Hiatus...
Saturday, 8 September 2012

After along hiatus, we are finally back!

Please give a warm welcome our new member, myrt, the new admin. She's a wonderful person and a great addition to this group!

And now, our dear Crash! fans, we have another special treat for you! Crash! 17 has finally been released which you can grab hold of on the forum. Please follow the rules. You will find the download link on this main site in 2 days (as usual). Thank you for being patient, once again.

Still in search for:

- 2-3 Editors
- Raw Providers
- 1 Korean Translator

Enjoy the new release. ♥


Yes, we're alive!
Thursday, 11 August 2011

Dear Crash! fans, you are in for a special treat for we have finally released the next chapter you have been waiting for! ;D

Crash! 16, which you can grab hold of on the forum. Again, please follow the rules and a comment of appreciation is always welcomed. :3 You will find the download link on this main site in 2 days (as usual). Thank you for being super patient. ♥

Quoting previous post:

And I know you guys are starting to get tired of this story being repeated all over again, but we need staff, desperately. Send us an e-mail at chocolatefudgescans[at]yahoo[dot]co[dot]uk
Still in search of:
2 editors
1 cleaner
& 2 translators

Thanks and please enjoy the new release.


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